(Samples available upon request.)

A Well-Timed Axe (Spring ’22)
8 roles, 50 pages, romance/fairy tale
John Guise’s company is captured and imprisoned after a bloody defeat in foreign Fenucia, and their fate seems dark until Leda Vauxhall, Fenucia’s fearsome warrior-queen, takes a liking to Corporal Guise. Will Guise accept the Queen’s socially advantageous courtship and leave his homeland behind? And will Vauxhall escape her father’s long shadow, leaving his days of blood and thunder behind and achieving something more like reciprocal love?

Fearsome Critters of the Underwoods (Autumn ’20)
3 roles, 10 pages, period/comedy/horror
Three New England timbermen (Paul Drinkwater, Hube Sinclair, and Albert Osgood) gather on a cold night in 1896 to tell tales of the critters they’ve seen. Written for Halloween 2020.

Edmonton, or, Come From Out of the Stocks, Elizabeth (Spring ’19)
9 roles, 70 pages, tragedy/horror/period/romance
The much-maligned beggar Elizabeth Sawyer becomes a scapegoat for public ire when seneschal Frank Thorney’s wife is murdered under mysterious circumstances. Tom the traveling thief returns, the mercurial Sir Arthur Clarington coaxes events to go in his favor, and black magic bubbles under the surface as death comes to England. Based on the historical trial of Elizabeth Sawyer and on “The Witch of Edmonton” by Rowley, Dekker, and Ford.

Penis Inspection Day, or, The Ape of Naples (Autumn ’16)
6 roles, 30 pages, comedy/pastiche/surrealism
The scurrilous gadabout Lafcadio (and his fellow schoolyard bullies Prunilla and Simon Quick) take kind Johannes of Duncaster under their wing and teach him about a “private and upcoming examination” that seems too grotesque to be real. And, indeed, it’s not real, just a tale told to frighten the poor rube…. right? Join the students of Shallow Fen Preparatory Academy as they prepare for a new semester — not only one of maths and grammar, but of trickery and deceit as well. Don’t tell the headmaster!


Worthy Tales Magazine, a quarterly science-fiction/fantasy small press publication to which I regularly contribute, and for which my stories lead the Summer 2021 and Spring 2023 issues.