As the title character in Dracula’s Janitor, The Brick’s ?! Festival, April 2023
As Akmos in "The Gods of the Mountain," self-directed, August 2021
As Akmos in The Gods of the Mountain, City Artist Corps at Columbus Park Pavilion, August 2021
As the title role in "Hamlet," the Shakespeare Academy at Stratford, August 2014.
As the title role in Hamlet, The Shakespeare Academy at Stratford, August 2014
As Iachimo in a postcard for Cymbeline (with Claire Tyers), Stag & Lion Theatre Co., September 2023
As Duke Orsino in "Twelfth Night," Stag & Lion Theatre Company, May 2019 (with Cynthia Johnson)
As Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night (with Cynthia Johnson), Stag & Lion Theatre Co., July 2019
As Solanio in The Merchant of Venice (with Nicholas de Phares), Stag & Lion Theatre Co., March 2023
As Headmaster Grasscourt in Penis Inspection Day, Yale Cabaret, October 2021
As the Coachman in Secret of the Possible (with Hallie Chametsky), Mystical Feet Co., December 2022


… I also moonlight as a voice actor! Check out my performances as the title characters in both “Me and Mr. Kingdom” (dir. Chris Fottrell, 2018) and “Edward Fortunatus” (dir. Steven Glavey, 2016) below.